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21950 Doral Road, Town of Brookfield, WI

In the Salto Gymnastics Complex


 Allegro Dance Teams & Company Ensembles

AEDC Dance Classes For All Ages. 

Come Be a Pof the Allegro Eminence Family!





                                   ALLEGRO COMPETITIVE TEAM AUDITIONS


                  We look forward t​o the 2023-24 dance season and have already received inquiries about  

                competitive team auditions.   Please contact us at any time for information about auditioning.

                We would LOVE to have you become a part of the Allegro dance family!


                An audition packet will be available at the end of April and can be emailed to you upon request.


                This packet will have information about time commitment, expense, competitions planned to

                attend, and will explain the process for determining how dancers are selected on teams.  


                Any dancer who will be "new" to the Allegro competitive program or who wants to "move up"

                to the next level of competitive team will need to do a private audition which will include

                specific dance skills testing based on the level the dancer is auditioning for and a brief 

                dance cadence.   This will be judged by Allegro coaches, and placement will be immediately

                determined and shared with you.... No days-long tryout sessions... not necessary.


                Because our competition teams are attending Nationals until July 2nd, we will not be starting

                2023-24 practices until mid-July.   Our online calendar has the summer schedule.  Tiny/Mini

                teams practice once a week for one hour, the Youth and Junior teams practice twice a week

                for 1 1/2 hours each, and the Senior team practices twice a week for 2 hours each.  All teams

                are required to take a 45-minute technique class once a week, which is scheduled just prior 

                to one of their practices.