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21950 Doral Road, Town of Brookfield, WI

In the Salto Gymnastics Complex


 Allegro Dance Teams & Company Ensembles

AEDC Dance Classes For All Ages

Come Be a Part of the Allegro Eminence Family!

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Allegro Studio Policies and Procedures

Refund Policy: If a dance class student is withdrawn from class after the first class session, a 100% refund will be given

(minus the $20.00 nonrefundable once-a-year registration fee). If a student is withdrawn after the second class session

takes place, a prorated refund will be given. After the third class session, no refund will be given.

Attendance: Everyone is expected to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the beginning of their class, to prepare for class.

Regular attendance is expected, but especially during the summer it is understandable if dancers miss. There are no

makeup clases for those who miss unless the class is canceled by AEDC, for instance, because of a holiday or inclement

weather conditions.

Children are to remain in the building until parents arrive to pick them up. Small children should remain on the 2nd floor

in the observation area until a parent arrives. The studio staff is not responsible for the children once they leave the

studio, as there are additional classes beginning. Parents are welcome to wait in the parent observation area for their

children, if they wish.

Dance class students and AEDC team members should enter the building and go directly upstairs to the studio. If they

would like to use the main floor changing room, they can leave their clothing there or bring them upstairs where there is a

coat rack for jackets, bags and shoes. You may bring purses into the studio

You must be respectful of all other activities taking place in the complex. No loud talking or fooling around, as you will

disturb the gymnastic training that is taking place. Absolutely no running in the building, please.

NO FOOD OR WATER BOTTLES IN THE DANCE STUDIO! There is a water fountain just outside the studio doors in the

observation room. If you bring food/snacks or water, you may sit at a tale in that room to take your break.

NO GUM CHEWING while in class or at practice.

NO JEWELRY will be worn in class or at practice.

NO CELL PHONES are allowed in class or at practice. Cell phones must be in a purse or dance bag and turned silent.

STUDIO ATTIRE: All students/dance team members must wear tights/ or lycra/spendex shorts/leggings with a leotard or

form-fitting cami or tank top. No sweatshirts or sweatpants, please. All students/dance team members must wear jazz

shoes. No street shoes. For ballet, students must wear ballet slippers, a leotard and lycra shorts or a skirt.

HAIR is to be pulled back securely out of your face, in a ponytail or bun preferably. Use bobby pins/hair spray to secure

hair so you are not constantly brushing hair out of your face. If you do this, you will be corrected by your instructor.

All dance class students, team members and all parents should be respectful of others while at classes, practices or events.

Bad behavior or poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated and will be grounds for removal of a dancer from an activity.

COMMUNICATION: Please be aware that all communication, for the most part, will be done electronically. You must have

an email on file with the office and must check it regularly or important updates and invoices.